Each year hundreds of thousands of people are killed as a result of the negligent behavior of others and many more suffer some type of personal injury. Its devastating to families to lose someone close due to wrongful death and sometimes the injuries you suffer in an accident are life changing.  Having a skilled attorney navigate you through these difficult times cannot be overstated enough. Don't be mistaken, insurance companies are a for-profit business and their profits are directly tied into how much money they can save on your claim. We have nearly fifteen years of experience fighting insurance companies for every dollar our clients deserve and we are ready to fight for you.

Personal Injury                 Products Liability          Automobile Accidents

Wrongful Death                Slip and Falls                 Dog Bites

Medical Malpractice         Work Injuries                Falling Objects

Premise Liability                Truck Accidents           Nursing Home Abuse


Real estate law is a vast practice area covering many facets of real estate that challenge citizens everyday. One size does not fit all, and having an attorney skilled in this area of law assures your interest and rights are protected. Cole Law Group has made the committment to offer its real estate clients the very best in legal representation.  Here are some of the areas of our expertise:

Foreclosure Defense              Commercial Lease Drafting

Landlord/Tenant Evictions    Quiet Title Actions

Land Use/Zoning Issues        Eminent Domain


Did you know that you have a way to fight back against abusive business practices? Consumer rights and protection laws are designed to keep sellers of goods and services honest. We have protected clients from  harrassing and unwanted calls, as well as other unfair business practices. Consumers should not take lightly the rights they possess. Unless you act timely, your name and credit can be damaged long term impactig your ability to purchase a home, cars, or other life essentials. 

Debt Collection              Telemarketing Calls

Credit Reporting            Deceptive Sales Pactices

Lemon Laws                   Mortgage Scams


Having a great legal mind in your corner is vital to any young business. We provide business consultation and legal representation to small and start-up businesses. Our belief is a business can grow when there's peace of mind. 

Corporate Drafting        Trademarks and Copyrights

Infringement Opinions  Business Contracts Drafting



I could not have been more pleased with the outcome of my case. I received a six figured settlement that I never imagined my case was worth. Cole Law Group did an awesome job in handling my case.

Anca T.

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